Pork Chop Hill

The shelling has stopped.
They'll probably rush us.

You pass the word along.
Everybody out of the bunkers.

Come on. Go.
I told you to hurry up, didn't i? Didn't i?
Yeah. Yeah.
- Hey, Corporal. Where's your CO?
- Just turn left.

Get up there fast. Keep your eyes open.
They can pop up from anywhere.

Hey, Lieutenant,
what's the situation here?

- What the devil are you doing here?
- Lookin' for you.

Weren't you guarding prisoners
on an island?

Yeah, i was.
I'm commanding George Company now.

Whitey, contact the platoon leaders.
Tell 'em to meet me at... what's your CP?

- The Korea Hilton.
- Yes, sir.

We're all strung out. We ran into
some heavy shelling down there.

Hey, uh, what's goin'on here?
I've had about 40 casualties
since i came up this hill.

The order i got was
to help you out with some mop-up.

They must be crazy.
We're hangin'on here by our teeth.

Walt, feed your men in up here.
We need 'em.

Sergeant, move your squad right up here.