Rio Bravo

-What is all this?
-Hello, Mr. Wheeler.

Tell your men to stay with the wagons
till they're told different.

Who the devil do you think you're ordering
around here?

First Burdette's men stop me
and now you stand there and try....

-Say, seems like I ought to know you.
-Think you do, Mr. Wheeler.

Yeah, I remember you now.
That star you're wearing
kind of threw me off for a minute.

Aren't you the fellow
the Mexicans used to call borrachin?

That's nearly right. Only it's borrachon.
I don't think I've ever seen you
like this before.

You mean sober? You're probably right.
You know what borrachon means?
My Spanish ain't too good.
It means drunk.
Now if the name bothers you,
they used to call me "Dude."

Now are you going
to tell your men or do l?

I'll tell my men.
Stand by the wagons, everybody!
Pass the word.