Some Like It Hot

All right, Charlie.
- That the joint? Who runs it?
- l already told you.

- Refresh my memory.
- Spats Colombo.

- What's the password?
- ''I've come to Grandma's funeral.''

- Your admission card.
- Thanks, Charlie.

lf you want a ringside table,
just say you're a pallbearer.

We're all set. Whens the kickoff?
I'd better blow.
lf Colombo sees me, it's goodbye, Charlie.

Goodbye, Charlie.
Give me five minutes,
then hit 'em with everything you got.

You betcha.
Good evening, sir.
- I'm Mr Mozarella. What can l do for you?
- I've come to the old lady's funeral.

l haven't seen you at our services before.
- No, I've been on the wagon.
- Please.

Where is the wake?
I'm one of the pallbearers.

Show the gentleman into the chapel.
Pew number three.

Yes, Mr Mozarella. This way, sir.
Well, if you gotta go,
that's the way to do it.

Follow me, please.
- What'll it be, sir?
- Booze.

- Sorry. We only serve coffee.
- Coffee?

Scotch coffee, Canadian coffee,
sour mash coffee...

Scotch. Make it a demitasse,
with soda on the side.

Wait a minute. Haven't you got
a pew not so close to the band?