Sudba cheloveka

Dad! Look at the car!
- Hi there! Good morning, friend.
- Good morning to you.

Go ahead, son, shake hands
with the man.

WeII, oId man, why is your hand
so coId?

I'm not an oId man. I'm a boy.
And my hands are coId
because I was throwing stones.

This partner of mine is a reaI

If I take a Iong stride,
he breaks into a trot.

So we have to hobbIe together
Iike a horse and a turtIe.

- Are you waiting for your boss?
- That's right!

- What time is the ferry on?
- In a coupIe of hours.

WeII, we'II sit here and wait for it.
I'm in no hurry.

When I saw you I knew right away
you were a driver, too.

So I figured I'd stop and have
a smoke with you.

Smoking aIone is about as bad
as dying aIone.

- My cigarettes are a bit wet.
- Wet tobacco is no good.

Try this. It's oId army rough-cut.
It's pretty good stuff too.