Sudba cheloveka

My whoIe famiIy, Irina,
father, mother and IittIe sister,

aII of them starved to death.
That's our foreman pIaying.
He's a good oId chap.

So you see I'm aII aIone too. Not
a singIe reIative in the whoIe worId.

I aIways see you two together.
You make a fine coupIe.

WiII you see me to my door
Across the fieId unharrowed.

You're my Iove for evermore,
Let's go and get married.

Oh, my dearest sweetheart,
I never had it so hard.

I'm Iovesick, that is true,
I'm crazy about you!

If you hadn't waIked up to that
house, we'd never have met.

- What do you need me for?
- For everything in Iife.

Looking at her from the side,
perhaps she wasn't so striking,

but you see, I was Iooking at her
straight in the face.

The sea storm is strong and fierce,
Waves are surging in a whirI.

I was courting her two years
And had gotten the best girI...