Sudba cheloveka

They kicked me around a Iot
the two years that I was a prisoner.

In Saxony I sIaved
in a siIicate pIant.

In the Ruhr I hauIed
coaI out of a mine.

I sweated in Bavaria digging

The deviI onIy knows what piece
of German soiI I didn't cross.

The way they shot us and kicked us
around was the same aII over.

They kicked me because I was
Russian, because I was stiII aIive,

because I was sIaving
for the bastards.

They'd beat a man just to kick
the Iife out of him.

EvidentIy, they didn't have enough
furnaces to take care of aII of us.

I remember the camp ""B-14''.
The commandant was a man
named MueIIer.

Every day, he'd Iine us up
and give us a ""fIu vaccination''.

That's what he caIIed it.