Sudba cheloveka

I'm going to Iie down and die.
If they don't feed us, how can
they expect us to work?

How Iong wiII this Iast?
Damn them aII to heII!
Bastards! Parasites!

They make us dig four cubic meters
a day,

when what we need is just one
cubic meter for a grave.

Be quiet!
Let us drink to our victory
at StaIingrad!

You're my pretty, you're my pretty
IittIe dove...

- They seem to be having good time.
- Downing schnapps, bastards.

- I aIready forgot the taste of...
- Shut up! I don't want to remember.

You're right.
Number 331 , report to
the camp commandant at once.

WeII, weII...
It Iooks Iike the end of your misery,
Prisoner Number 331 ,