Sudba cheloveka

Prisoner SokoIov
reporting as ordered.

So four cubic meters is too much
to quarry, eh?

It is, Commandant, far too much.
And you need onIy one cubic meter
for your grave, right?

Yes, that's quite enough for a grave.
Even there'd be room to spare.
I'm going to do you a great honor:
I'II shoot you with my own pistoI.
- Let's go into the yard.
- Whatever you say.

Have a drink before you die,
Russian Ivan.

To the triumphant armies of
the fatherIand.

I appreciate it, but I'm not much
of a drinker.

You refuse to drink to our victory?
Very weII then, I propose
you drink to your death.

To my death and my reIease from
this torment, I wiII drink!