Tiger von Eschnapur, Der

Hey, what are you doing
with my toothpaste?

Give it to me!
It doesn't taste good.
Come on now.

That's better.
Good evening.
My name is Harald Berger.
I'm going to Eschnapur to work
on some building projects...

hospitals, schools
and so on.

I want to thank you, sahib.
You protected
my servant Bharani

from the impudent soldiers.
She just wanted some water
for the frangipani blossoms.

May the gods give you
a bowl of water

at an hour of
great thirst.

Good night.
The tiger must be...
They say the tiger
has eaten many people.

If you're going to Eschnapur,
it's wise to go together.

It's still a day's journey
from here.

Rarely have I seen
so strong a man.