Tiger von Eschnapur, Der

Don't be afraid.
It was a stone thrown over
the wall, or a fish jumping.

A stone, a fish,
or the hand of God...

This is India.
Go now.
And take care.

Why isn't the dancer
staying here?

The festival starts tonight.
It wasn't worth it.

I hope she'll stay longer.
Are those the soldiers
who fled?

Yes, they've been whipped
as you ordered.

I wish to speak to you,

I care greatly about who takes
the Maharani's place.

So do I.
My sister loved you
very much.

Speak out, Padhu.
After she died,
you spent time in Europe.

I don't want you to bring
foreign ways to Eschnapur.

I don't need your advice,

Europe did you no good.
You no longer know what
is good for your people.

What is to be done with
the soldiers, Chandra?

Set them free.
They can thank the gods
the foreigner saved Seetha
from the tiger.