Tiger von Eschnapur, Der

Over there lives a holy man
who can see into the future.

I want to consult him.
About the future,
Your Highness?

I owe you my life.
It belongs to you.

I don't want your life.
I want your love.

What could the gods tell you,
Prince Chandra?

I have known you
for so short a while.

Perhaps you're right.
What do the gods know
of two people's hearts?

Bharani! I've been
looking for you...

Take me to her.
It's dangerous here.

Follow me.
The rift between
the Maharaja and Padhu

suits me well
but it's not enough.

Only if the dancer is crowned,
has Chandra lost.

What can we do?
I can see it...

outraged soldiers
and priests,

the gods filled with fury
and the mob angrily
tearing down the walls.

It will take a while,
but we will get what we want.

She has been crying.
She's worried about you.

I'll take you to her.