Charlotte et son Jules

Rather go on the streets.
At least you'd make some money

It's true! But when I suggested it
you refused. All right!

But playing a streetwalker inside
is a thousand times worse

I can screw around. But not you!
Because you compromise your soul.

There's a soul behind the face
And you see a girl's soul in her face
It's not the same for boys.
That shocks you?

It reminds me of a nut-case,
full of hot air

Know what he said?
"What is most important, ladies and
gentlemen, is not love, not war...

"...not money, nor happiness,
nor women

"No, what is most important
is the subtle difference!"

Yes, kitten. But that'll be the day
when you grasp that

You've cut your hair.
But you're crazy! Just look at you!

France is full of idiots
but you break all the records

I know what you'll say
but you're wrong

Unbelievable. Girls don't even
realise it, but it's obvious

You're idiots by definition.
Keep still!

Let me finish
I know exactly what you're going to say:
why do I love you? Well, you're a idiot!

Who says I love you?
I don't any more, so there!

You should have seen it coming.
You've come back for nothing, dimwit

I told you if you ditched me you'd come
back a week later saying you're sorry

I said I wouldn't give a damn
You'll plead with me in vain.
I'll pretend not to hear

Like that actor, when Simone Simon told
him she'd throw herself out of the window

-I don't remember...
-It's in that Max Ophuls film