Charlotte et son Jules

Look at your pal, Véronique.
Girls like that...

You keep thinking men love you
for your minds...

They love your bums! You like men
who despise you. For example, dancing...

The first time we met...
Dancing the samba, the mambo. But
the poor jerks who go, in their ties...

What do they want?
Rhythm, sambas, mambos?
Forget it! They come...

:09:29 rub up against it!
Oh, it's a waste of time.
Why don't you clear off?

I've had it up to here...
...having my electric razor used
for what? For shaving your legs!

At last I'll have some peace!
At last I'll have my room back
I'll stand at the window without
getting your undies in my face

I've been against guys
who live off women...

How wrong!
Women should be kicked about!

I never wanted to, because
I believed in being civilised

I was stupid! You must beat them
That's it. They need beating up!
It's sad to say, but you must

You can tell them whatever you like
Not at all. I'm talking sense,
one sentence following the next

You must stay with me. It's Cartesian
logic. You love me, I love you

I'm deliberately speaking like an actor.
I'm deeply moved

You know I can't do without you.
Slut! If I'd known!

And that money with the caretaker.
Don't pretend you've forgotten

If you go I'm finished
Find another guy who'll put up with
the lot without complaining

The evening you didn't come back, at the
commissariat, they laughed and winked

Too bad. I don't give a damn.
I´m not angry with you

Yes, I am angry.
No, I´m not