Charlotte et son Jules

No, yes, I am...
I don't know. It's funny

I'm angry with you
without being angry

I know I'm pathetic
but it's because I love you

I can't live without you.
What shall I do if you leave me?

I'm begging you not to leave me.
Besides, if you do. I'll smash your face in

I've got contacts too. I've had a
telegram from Hollywood, for my novel

Stay with me. As soon as my book's out,
I'll buy you an Alfa Romeo

English cars are crummy.
I've always said you lacked taste

You're right, I'm rambling.
But it's your fault I'm all mixed up

I've been miserable since you left
Don't leave me alone, I beg you.

You can't. I'll kill myself.
I don't want to kill myself

I beg you, Charlotte, stay!
I know what you'll say: men in love
are cowardly, lazy, cruel, stupid

Yes, it's true. I'm a swine
But deep down you don't dislike it
You need someone like me...a guy
with style. Don't deny it, I know

You can't do without me either
That's why you're back,
is that right?

No, Jules,
I came back for my toothbrush