Elmer Gantry

What church? Well, uh, at present,
I don't exactly have a church, but...

What is it this time, brother?
Booze or women?

Why, Sister Falconer. Me?
Whichever one it is,
you have my blessing. Jim?

- Uh, Sister, I, uh...
- Nice try, brother.

- Will prayer cure diabetes?
- Would you give me your address?

- Sister?
- Just a moment.

- What denomination?
- I must talk to you.

- If you'll just leave your name.
- I have an important message for you.

A message? From Sister Falconer?
- I heard you sing last night.
- Oh?

I know flattery don't mean much
to a talented person like you,

but when you sang that
inspiring song "Beulah Land",

it made me realise that music
is the voice of love.

- Oh.
- And what is love?

Love is the morning and the evening star.
America. A land of great opportunity.
Take me. I've been with the Central
States Appliance Company a year.

I'm their crack salesman already. They
wanna make me a partner. It's a great life.

Folks in 14 states know me by my
first name. Makes a fella feel humble.

- Would you like to start with a cocktail?
- A cocktail in the middle of the day?

Don't you know that drinkin' is sinful
and against the principles of Coolidge?

I meant shrimp cocktail.
Just bring us some of
Mother's apple pie and coffee.

Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
Tell me, when did you
first start servin' God?

Two years ago. In Cato, Missouri. Sister
Sharon's gospel singer got hurt in a riot.

A riot? In a Christian town like...
What was the name?

Cato, Missouri. Yes, some roughnecks
started yellin' and screamin' and hollerin'.

During the services?
Sister Sharon yelled to a farmer on our
side "Hit him one for the Lord, brother!"

Apple pie. They ought to write
a song about apple pie.

A gospel song. And you should sing it.