Pote tin Kyriaki

Hey, Captain...
that one next to you,
he's a man or a mouse?

Beg your pardon.
Illia, this is Tonio.
He's from Corfu. He's half Italian.

We won't hold that against him.
I'm told you pick and choose.
Do I have a chance?

- Maybe.
- Tonight? 9:00?

At 9:00, the baker.
- 10:00?
- Sorry. 10:00, the fruit man.

- And the butcher?
- At 11:00.

- Is she kidding me?
- Oh, no.

Her life is perfectly organized.
She has arrangements with all those clients.

- You like boat rides?
- Anything you say, my little bird.

Let's go!
Where is the American? The intellectual?
He should see this. Call Mr. Thrace!

Mr. Thrace, they are calling you.
There is something amusing down there.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.
There is the purity that was Greece!