Pote tin Kyriaki

You looking for a scar?
- Is he being disagreeable?
- He's just an errand boy.

Homer, you are wonderful.
Who's the man in the big car?
He owns all a street of apartments.
All the girls in the profession
live in these apartments.

- He oblige them to pay enormous rents.
- All the girls?

Except Illia, and he doesn't like that.
Because I am an independent.
It gives the other girls ideas.
- Good day.
- Good day.

- Good day.
- Good day.

Goodbye, Homer.
Something is very funny.
Mr. "No Face" and you.

You both want to put me out of business.
What will you have, sir?
Order one ouzo.
Happy birthday, and a hundred more.
Thank you.
- All this just for me?
- Strange, it's the first Sunday that...

- We're going to have a fight.
- Why?

Nobody's coming.
I told them you called off the party.

- And the reason?
- Because I want you for myself.

- Out!
- Make me get out.

Out! How dare you send my friends away?
I told you. No other man.
No other you.
Not if you were the last man in Piraeus.