Pote tin Kyriaki

- English is impossible.
- Please!

Is not possible.
Medea is a beautiful play,
but for you men, is not much compliments.

The play is about
what a woman suffers for a man.

Once upon a time,
there was a princess from far away.

- Her name is Medea.
- That's the best one.

Beautiful, long black hair.
A Greek, he comes.
And right away, Medea crazy for him.

She will listen to nobody. She wants him.
She fights with her father,
her whole country.

Medea was very sweet,
but sometimes she has a bad temper.

Sweet? She was a vicious character.
She was a murderess.

Anyhow, she goes to Greece
to marry this man.

He is a prince.
His name is Jason.
She is good to him.
She gives him two beautiful children.

But he...
Right away,
with a blonde princess in Athens...

You know what.
This Jason is not even a gentleman
to tell Medea lies. No!

He says right to her face
that he wants that other blonde...

because she is a princess.
And Medea cries and says,
"I am a princess, too."

Beautiful, how she cries.
Everything she does for Jason.
Even she gives presents to the blonde.

She sends gifts that were poisoned.
But everybody says bad things about her.
They say she is a witch.
There are 12 rich ladies in beautiful dresses.
But they say bad things about her, too.