Rocco e i suoi fratelli

- Luca! - Luca,
you'll make us late. Quit it!

- Careful not to fall.
- Off you go!

- Hurry, boys!
- Move it, Ciro! Simone!

- The coffee's almost ready.
- Here l am.

Drink the eggs,
they're fresh and healthy!

The coffee's boiling hot.
Put in lots of bread.

Fix some for your brother too.
Oh, thank God,
there's work here for everybody!

The Lord is merciful.
He sent us the snow.

- You wearing my sweater?
- Yes.

Simone, dear, hurry. Come on!
- Poor baby, he has to go to work.
- lt's freezing. You even left..

..the window open.
l don't get hot flashes.

Come on, the city's waiting
for us, lazybones!

That guy will never change.
Finish your coffee.

l'll get lunch ready.
Luca, my satchel!

- Yes, Mamma.
- No, l'll get it.

- Luca, my satchel!
- lt's here, under the bed.

- l'll get it for you.
- Hurry up!

Here are your coats.
Rocco, cover up.
Don't take chances,..

:19:44've been sick.
lf you had a chill...

Here, everything's ready.
Come on, hurry!

Hey, lazybones,
l'll help you with your coat.

Cover up, you loafer, you.