Sink the Bismarck!

when's the earliest we can engage her?
9:00 tomorrow morning, sir,
at best possible speed.

If Norfolk and Suffolk
can keep track of her...

they can guide us in.
Suppose Bismarck gives them the slip?
If she shakes off those cruisers
during the night...

we may never get hold of her again.
She's got the weather on her side, sir.
Looks very bad for tonight.
Slow her down before nightfall.
Sommers, do you think Victorious
could launch an air strike?

She's supposed to get
her deck landing training.

Most of her pilots
have never flown off a carrier.

I'm afraid they'll have to
start their training now.

Detach Victorious from the fleet.
Tell her to close Bismarck at 30 knots.
She's to launch an air strike...
when she's within 100 miles.
That's all, gentlemen.
Signal Prinz Eugen that
she is to proceed on her course...

and make for Brest.
We will keep the enemy cruisers occupied...
until Prinz Eugen is out of sight.
All right, Captain,
you can make your turn.

Hard aport.
Stand by to open fire.
Radar plot, range decreasing...
decreasing very rapidly.
Range down to 22,000 yards.
She's doubled back on us, sir!
There she is, sir!
Hard aport. Full ahead both.
Hard aport.
Make smoke.
Make smoke. Full ahead both.
Signal to Prinz Eugen...
Good-bye and good hunting.
That's all, Becker.
Very good, sir.
Cease fire, Captain.