Sink the Bismarck!

Why is this man on duty if he's sick?
I don't know, sir.
He didn't report sick.

Get someone over here.
Aye aye, sir. Simms, take over.
All right. Leave him here.
Aye aye, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Why the devil
didn't you report sick?

I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't want to miss anything.
All right, Brown.
We'll get you along to the sick bay.
If anything happens, I'll let you know.
Thank you, sir.
What time is it, Miss Davis?
About 6:30, sir.
Morning or evening?
It's a very fine morning.
I think you should take a short walk.
You haven't been outside
for five days.

Take down this message
for Commander-in-Chief,
Home Fleet...

Our interpretation
of best available information...

indicates Bismarck
heading for the coast of France.

Proceed accordingly.
Sir, must you stick your neck out
quite so far?

I'm afraid that goes with the job.
To admiral commanding Force H...
Proceed to intercept Bismarck...
on assumption she's headed for Brest.
Suggest search by aircraft
from Ark Royal.

Your son is in Ark Royal, isn't he, sir?
Yes. Yes, he is.
Get that off immediately,
will you?

Come in.
Come in, Miss Davis.
Signal for you, sir.