Tirez sur le pianiste

He's a dirty dog!
But what a life!

He wants her
but he can't have her.

Even now,
he can't take his eyes off her.

So what?
The boss's not bad...
but he's just a failure.
Don't tell him so.
Any how, it's not your business.
Just sit in front of the piano.
There's nothing you can do for him.
You're no one.
And nothing matters.
- Listen!
- Go to hell!

Look at my biceps. I am someone.
- Feel!
- Shit!

That's right... shit!
Go to hell, all of you!
What nasty words
in such a mouth!

Shut yours, pig!
I'll kill you, Lena.
I can't see you.
You dirty bitch!
Dreaming, Charlie?
Leave her alone.
I'm more interested in you.
You had her, eh?
I'll smash your face in.
What the hell!
Forgive me?
Forget it.