Tunes of Glory

- Are you staying on?
- Unless you're gonna get rid of me, Jimmy.

I thought there might have been a chance of it.
Staying on as second in command,
you mean?

So may it please you,
Captain Simpson.

- I'm glad you're not leaving us, sir.
- Thank you, Eric.

- And, Eric.
- Yes, sir?

No "sirs" in the mess.
Christian names, except for me,
and I'm Colonel.

I call you what I like. Understood?
Yes, Colonel.
"Yes, Colonel."
Go on, Charlie.
We'll go through the way.

Jock's last day.
Well, gentlemen, we'll have
a round of drinks on Jock. Corporal.

- Sir?
- Whiskey for the gentlemen that like it...

and for the gentlemen
that don't like it...

I'm no use at talking
at my best of times, Charlie...

but tonight, I'm no coping at all.
- Will we have the pipers back?
- Your night, old boy.

Aye, my night.
Old boy. Old boy. Old boy.

Well, I say we'll have the pipers.
- Laddie, call the pipers.
- This minute, sir.

- Just "sir." That's all you need to say.
- Sir.

Aye, Charlie, we fought a war together...
- do you know that?
- Uh-huh.

And you will have a tune,
and I'll have a tune...

and MacMillan there'll have a tune.
- Thank you very much.
- And I'll have another tune.

Charlie, why the hell'd
you shave the whiskers off?

Oh, I don't know.
Tickled the ladies.

I love you, Charlie.
You're no a great talker, right enough,
but you're a lovely man.

- Aye, pipers, and where have you been?
- The pantry, sir.

- Are you sober?
- Sir.

You bloody well better be,
and that's a fact.

You're no here to get sick drunk
the same as the rest of us.

We'll have a reel to sweat it out.
- Aye!
- "The Duke of Perth."

Aye. That's right.
Hankies for the lassies.

And a prettier lady I never saw.