A Raisin in the Sun

Let me see you do
some waking up in there now.

You just go ahead
and lay there.

Next, Travis'll be finished
and Mr. Johnson'll be in.

And you'll be fussing and cussing
like a madman and be late.

Walter Lee Younger...
...it is time for you
to get up!

Ain't he out yet?
Out? He ain't hardly
got in there good yet.

What you doing all that yelling for
if I can't get in there?

That check coming today?
They said Saturday.
This is just Friday.

I hope you ain't getting up...
...talking about money.
I don't want to hear it.

What's with you this morning?
I'm just sleepy.
What kind of eggs you want?
Not scrambled.
You're just a little old happy woman
this morning, ain't you?

What's he doing in that bathroom?
He has to start getting up earlier.

He won't be getting up
one second earlier.

I can't afford to be late for work
because of him.

Ain't his fault he can't
get to bed earlier.

He's got a bunch of clowns
sitting up...

...running their mouths in
what's supposed to be his bedroom.

That's what you're mad about.
Things I want to talk to my friends
about just couldn't be important.

Such friends as you got.