Judgment at Nuremberg

How far does it go back, Schmidt?
- 1219, sir.
- 1219.

This is where the Nazi Party
held their rallies, isn't it?

They all came here.
Hitler. Goebbels. The whole crew.

Thousands of them, from all over Germany.
Does he have to blow that damn horn
so much?

It's not necessary
to blow the horn so much, Schmidt.

You both know your duties?
Well, here we are.
A little bit of old Germany.

- Senator Burkette.
- Captain.

Captain Byers, this is Judge Haywood.
- Byers here will be your aide.
- My what?

Clerk. General guide. Liaison.
Any capacity you wish to use me in.

This will be your staff, sir.
Mr. And Mrs. Halbestadt.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, Your Honor.

You've already met your driver, Schmidt.
I am at your service any time you need me.
Day or night.

Let's show him around
the rest of the place. Dan?

We're in the reception room.
Living room.
Study is in there.
There are two bedrooms on this floor,
three upstairs.

Furniture is part antique, part US Army.
The piano's showing signs of wear and tear,
but it's a genuine Bechstein.

Quite a view, isn't it, sir?
Senator, I really don't need all this.
The United States government
always does it right.

- You know that, Dan.
- Who used to live here?

An important Nazi general and his wife, sir.
Let's see. Is there anything else
Judge Haywood ought to know?

Sir, are there any questions?