Judgment at Nuremberg

The prosecution
will begin its opening address.

Slow and easy, Junior.
The case is unusual...
in that the defendants
are charged with crimes...

committed in the name of the law.
These men, together with their deceased
or fugitive colleagues...

are the embodiment of what passed
for justice during the Third Reich.

The defendants served as judges
during the period of the Third Reich.

Therefore, you, Your Honors,
as judges on the bench...

will be sitting in judgment...
of judges in the dock.
And this is as it should be.
For only a judge knows
how much more a court is than a courtroom.

It is a process and a spirit.
It is the house of law.
The defendants knew this, too.
They knew courtrooms well.

They sat in their black robes...
and they distorted, they perverted,
they destroyed justice and law in Germany.

Will the prosecution please watch the light?
- The interpreter cannot follow you.
- I'm sorry, Your Honor.

They distorted, they perverted...
they destroyed justice and law in Germany.
Now, this in itself
is undoubtedly a great crime.

But the prosecution
is not calling the defendants...

to account for violating
constitutional guarantees...

or withholding due process of law.
The prosecution
is calling them to account...

for murder...