Judgment at Nuremberg

I'm sorry.
That's all right.
See you Monday, Dan.
Coming my way?
No, I'm going to stay here for a moment.
I'm waiting for some records from Byers.

Here are the reports you asked for, sir.
Thank you.
Captain, do you think you can get me a copy
of the books Ernst Janning wrote?

- There are quite a few of them.
- I'd like all of them.

And also a copy of the Weimar constitution.
- Do you think you can get that for me?
- Of course.

Thank you.
- How long have you been here, Captain?
- Two years.

- Two years? That's a long time.
- Yes, sir.

- Any friends?
- Sure.

German friends?
A girl?
Her parents were Nazis,
but she was eight when they came in.

- I didn't ask you that.
- I know.

But maybe you were thinking it.
It's natural to think about it.

I thought if anybody was going to
indoctrinate her, it might as well be me.

Will there be anything else?
No, I think I'll just take a walk around town
on my own.

Try the old section.
Everyone stops for beer and sausage there.

Thank you.