Judgment at Nuremberg

that National Socialism helped to cure
some of these conditions?

Yes, but at a terrible price...
Please confine yourself
to answering the questions only.

Therefore, was it not possible
that a judge might wear a swastika...

and yet work for what he thought was best
for his country?

No. It was not possible.
You were not in the administration...
from the years 1935 to 1943...
by your own admission.
Is it not possible
that your view of the administration...

might be distorted?
No. It is not.
How can you testify about
what was going on in the administration...

if you were not there?
I had many friends
in the legal administration.

There were journals and books.
From journals and books?
I see.
You referred to:
"Novel National Socialist
measures introduced...

"among them sexual sterilization. "
Are you aware that sexual sterilization
was not invented by National Socialism...

but had been advanced for years before
as a weapon...

in dealing with the mentally incompetent
and the criminal?

Yes. I am aware of that.
Are you aware that it has advocates
among leading citizens in other countries?

I am not an expert on such laws.
Then permit me to read one to you.
This is a High Court opinion...
upholding such laws in existence
in another country.

And I quote: