Judgment at Nuremberg

Now, Dr. Wieck.
In view of what you have just learned...
can you still say that sexual sterilization
was a novel National Socialist measure?

Yes, I can say it.
Because it was never before used
as a weapon against political opponents.

Do you personally know of a case...
where someone was sterilized
for political reasons?

I know that such things were done.
That's not the question.
Please answer the question.

Do you know of a case?
I don't know of any specific case,
or specific date...

I am asking you if you have any firsthand,
personal knowledge of such a case!

No, I have no such personal knowledge.
Thank you.
You are aware of the charges
in the indictment against Ernst Janning?

Yes, I am.
Can you honestly say
he is responsible for them?

Yes, I can.
Do you consider yourself
free of responsibility?

Yes, I do.
Did you ever swear
to the Civil Servant Loyalty Oath of 1934?

Your Honor, I object.
The witness doesn't have to answer
that question.

He's not on trial.
All Germany is on trial, Your Honor.
This tribunal placed it on trial
when it placed Ernst Janning on trial.