Judgment at Nuremberg

If responsibility is to be found,
the widest latitude is to be permitted.

Objection overruled.
Did you ever swear
to the Civil Servant Loyalty Oath of 1934?

Everyone did.
We are not interested in what everyone did.
We are interested in what you did.
Would you read the oath
from the Reich Law Gazette, March, 1933?

"I swear that I shall be obedient...
"to the leader of the German Reich
and people, Adolf Hitler.

"That I shall be loyal to him,
that I will observe the laws...

"and that I will conscientiously
fulfill my duties...

"so help me God. "
Everyone swore to it.
It was mandatory.
But you're such a perceptive man, Dr. Wieck.
You could see what was coming.
You could see that National Socialism
was leading Germany to disaster.

"It was clear to anyone
who had eyes and ears. "

Didn't you realize...
what it would have meant if you,
and men like you...

would have refused to swear to the oath?
It would have meant that Hitler
could never have come to absolute power.

Why didn't you?
Why didn't you?
Can you give us an explanation?
Has it something to do with your pension?
Did your pension mean more to you
than your country?

Your Honor!
I object to the entire line of questioning,
and ask that it be stricken from the record.

I thought prosecuting counsel
was dedicated to finding responsibility.

Your Honor, I made an objection.
Prosecution is not interested
in finding responsibility?

There is responsibility for more here
than swearing to a loyalty oath...

- and you know it.
- There is indeed.

One thing that even the German machine,
with its monumental efficiency...

has been unable to destroy...