Judgment at Nuremberg

What did he say to your application?
He said an examination
there would have to be.

Where was the examination to take place?
In the district court of Stuttgart.
Who was the presiding justice in the court?
Justice Hoffstetter.
What happened in the courtroom?
They asked me my full name...
and so forth.
What else did they ask you?
They asked me when Adolf Hitler
and Dr. Goebbels were born.

What did you reply?
I told them I didn't know,
and also that I didn't care.

Did they ask you any more questions?
No. They told me that
I would be hearing from them in ten days.

I see. Now, Mr. Petersen...
I'd like you to look at something.
Do you recognize it?
Would you please read it for the tribunal?
"District Court of Stuttgart.
"The baker, Rudolph Petersen,
born May 20, 1914...

"son of railway employee, Hans Petersen...
"is to be sterilized. "
Now would you read the last paragraph?
"It is therefore requested...