Judgment at Nuremberg

"he present himself within two weeks...
"to one of the hospitals mentioned below.
"If he does not...
"betake himself voluntarily...
"he will be taken by force. "
Please read the signature at the bottom.
"Presiding Justice Hoffstetter. "
Would you read
what is written below the signature?

- Below?
- Below.

"By authority of...
"Ernst Janning...
"Minister of Justice. "
Your Honor...
may the defense see the file
of Mr. Petersen?

What did you do
after you received the letter, Mr. Petersen?

I ran away.
I stayed at the farm of a friend I have.
And did you return?
- Did I what?
- Did you return?

And what happened then?
The police came.
Where did they take you?
To the hospital.
Mr. Petersen, excuse me.
I wonder if you could speak
a little louder, please.

To the hospital.
And what happened at the hospital?
They kept me there.
The nurse who was...
Well, she came in, anyway.
She was to prepare me for the operation.
And she said
she thought the whole thing was terrible.