Judgment at Nuremberg

"I do not object to that so much.
"I object that you are such a bourgeois. "
Hitler whitened, stared at Janning,
and walked out.

- Is the coffee really all right?
- Fine, thank you.

Men like Janning...
my husband and I...
we hated Hitler. I want you to know that.
And he hated us.
He hated my husband
because he was a real war hero...

and the little corporal couldn't tolerate that.
And he hated him
because he married into nobility...

which was my family.
Hitler was in awe of the nobility,
but he hated it.

That's why it's so ironic, what happened.
You know what happened to my husband,
don't you?

What did he know of the crimes
they cited him for?

He was placed on trial
with the other military leaders.

It was part of their revenge.
The victors always take on the vanquished.

It was political murder.
You can see that, can't you?
Mrs. Bertholt, I don't know what I see.
I probably shouldn't be here
talking with you about this at all.

But I want to understand.
I do want to understand.

I have to.
Would you like some more coffee?
Yes, thank you.