Judgment at Nuremberg

You saw the store downstairs.
It's not much...
but it's a new start for us.
They will come if I go to Nuremberg.
They will come...
and break the windows of the store.
I'll place a guard in front of the store,
24 hours a day.

You do not have to go.
He has no right to ask you to go.

You do have to go.
You have to go, for all those people
who can't get up on the stand themselves.

- You do not owe it to anybody!
- Yes, you do!

You owe it to one person, at least.
In the night...
every night...
we've known somehow
it would come to this.

Dr. Geuter, do you recognize that headline?
Yes, sir.
Would you read it to the tribunal?
"Death to the race defiler. "
In what newspaper did it appear?
In Julius Streicher's Der Stürmer.
What was it in connection with?
The Feldenstein case.
What was the Feldenstein case?
Your Honor...