Judgment at Nuremberg

the defendants on trial here today...
did not personally administer
the concentration camps.

They never had to beat victims...
or pull the lever that released gas
into the chambers.

But as the documents we've introduced
into this case have shown...

these defendants fashioned
and executed laws...

and rendered judgments...
which sent millions of victims to their...
Maj. Radnitz?
Your Honors, I would like to request that
Col. Lawson be sworn in as a witness.

- Granted.
- Thank you.

Will you raise your right hand?
I swear by God,
the Almighty and Omniscient...

that I will speak the pure truth
and withhold and add nothing.

I do.
Were you active in the United States Army
in 1945 at the close of the war?

Yes, I was.
Were you in command of troops
liberating concentration camps?

I was.
Were you in Dachau and Belsen?
Were you present when the films
we are about to see were taken?

Yes, I was.
The map shows the number of
and location of concentration camps...