Judgment at Nuremberg

under the Third Reich.
The Buchenwald concentration camp
was founded...

in 1933.
Its inmates numbered about 80,000.
There was a motto at Buchenwald:
"Break the body...
"break the spirit...
"break the heart. "
The ovens at Buchenwald.
Evidence of last-minute efforts
to dispose of bodies.

The stoves were manufactured
by a well-known company...

which also specialized in baking ovens.
The name of the firm is clearly inscribed.
An exhibit of byproducts of Buchenwald...
displayed for the local townspeople
by an Allied officer.

Brushes of every description.
Shoes, adults and children.
Gold from teeth melted down...
sent once a month
to the Medical Department of the...

A lampshade made from human skin.
Skin being used for paintings...
many having an obscene nature.
The heads of two Polish laborers...
shrunken to one-fifth their normal size.
A human pelvis used as an ashtray.
Children who'd been tattooed to mark them
for eventual extermination.

Sometimes mercy was shown
to the children.