Judgment at Nuremberg

They were injected with morphia...
so they'd be unconscious when hanged.
One of the doctors described how they'd
then place ropes around their necks...

and in the doctor's own words:
"Like pictures...
"they were then hanged
by hooks on the walls. "

The bodies of those
who had come in boxcars...

without food and without air...
who hadn't survived the journey to Dachau.
Hundreds of inmates were used
as human guinea pigs...

for atrocious medical experiments.
A witness at one of the executions
at Dachau gave the following description:

"Inmates were made to leave
their clothing on a rack.

"They were told they were going
to take baths.

"Then the doors were locked.
"Tins of Zyklon B...
"were released through
the specially constructed apertures.

"You could hear the groaning
and the whimpering inside.

"After two or three minutes...
"all was quiet. "
Death transports that had arrived
included 90,000 from Slovakia...

65,000 from Greece...
11,000 from France...
90,000 from Holland...
400,000 from Hungary...
250,000 from Poland and Upper Silesia...
and 100,000 from Germany.