Judgment at Nuremberg

Where are you employed?
400... 345, Grosse Platz.
- Did you know Lehman Feldenstein?
- Yes. I knew him.

In what capacity?
He was my employer in 1935.
Do you know the witness,
Mrs. Irene Hoffman Wallner?

- Yes.
- In what capacity?

She was a tenant in the building.
Did you ever see Miss Hoffman
and Mr. Feldenstein together?

How did this happen?
Mr. Feldenstein came to see Miss Hoffman
at her apartment.

Quite often.
Were there any occasions
in which you noticed anything unusual?

I saw Miss Hoffman...
kissing Mr. Feldenstein
at the door of her apartment.

Was there any other occasion?
Yes, there was one.
What was it?
I came to Miss Hoffman's apartment.
I wanted to clean up.
I thought it was empty.
I saw Miss Hoffman...
sitting on Mr. Feldenstein's lap.
Thank you, Mrs. Lindnow. That's all.
Col. Lawson?
Earphones, please.
What are your political affiliations?
Objection, Your Honor.
This witness' political affiliations
have nothing to do with the testimony.

Col. Lawson is once more trying
to appeal to the emotion of the court.

Objection overruled.
Would you answer the question, please?
Were you a member
of the National Socialist Party?