Judgment at Nuremberg

Remember, it was disclosed at the tribunal
that Mr. Feldenstein bought you things.

Candy and cigarettes?
Remember that sometimes
he bought you flowers?

Yes, he bought me many things.
That was because he was kind.
He was the kindest man I ever knew.
Do you know the witness,
Mrs. Elsa Lindnow?

Yes, I know her.
Was she a cleaning woman
at the apartment you lived in?

Did Mr. Feldenstein
come to see you at your apartment?

- Yes.
- How many times?

I don't remember.
Several times?
Many times?
Many times.
Did you kiss him?
Yes, I kissed him.
Was there more than one kiss?
But it was not in the way
you are trying to make it sound.

He was like a father to me.
- He was more than a father.
- More than a father?

- Did you sit on his lap?
- Objection!

Counsel is persecuting the witness
in the pretext of gaining testimony.

Objection overruled.
The defense is being permitted to reenact...
what was a travesty of justice
in the first place.

The tribunal makes the rulings in this case,
not the prosecution.

You may proceed.
Did you sit on his lap?
But there was nothing wrong
or ugly about it.

Did you sit on his lap?
Yes, but...
You sat on his lap. What else did you do?
There was nothing
that you are trying to say.

There was nothing like that.
What else did you do, Mrs. Wallner?
What are you trying to do?
Are you trying to...
Why do you not let me speak the truth?