Judgment at Nuremberg

That's what we want, Mrs. Wallner.
The truth.

You admitted that you continued to see him.
You admitted that he came
to your apartment.

You admitted you kissed him.
You admitted you sat on his lap.

What else do you admit to? What else?
There was nothing
like you're trying to make it sound.

- What else?
- There was nothing.

Stop it.
What else do you admit to?
Herr Rolfe!
Are we going to do this again?
Your Honor...
the stress the defendant has been under
is so great that he is not aware...

I am aware.
Your Honor, the defendant
wishes to make a statement.

I believe the defense has a right to request...
Does the defendant
wish to make a statement?

I wish to make a statement, yes.
I believe the defense has the right
to request a recess...

The defendant has the right
to make his statement now.

- I have to speak with my client.
- He has the right to make it now!

Tribunal is adjourned
until 10:30 tomorrow morning.

What are you doing?
What do you think you're trying to do?
They've had Goering. Frank. Streicher.
That's over.
Do you think I have enjoyed
being defense counsel during this trial?

There were things I had to do
in that courtroom that made me cringe.