Judgment at Nuremberg

Why did I do them?
Because I want
to leave the German people something.

I want to leave them a shred of dignity.
I want to call a halt to these proceedings.
If we allow them
to discredit every German like you...

we lose the right to rule ourselves forever.
We have to look at the future.
We can't look back now.

Do you want the Americans
to stay here forever? Do you want that?

I could show you a picture
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Thousands and thousands
of burned bodies.

Women and children.
Is that their superior morality?
Where do you think they take us?
Do you think they know?

Do you think they have any concept
of our problems?

What can I say to you?
What can I say to you to make you see?
There is nothing you can say.
Nothing has happened to alleviate the crisis.
The crisis reached a head this afternoon...
when all rail travel between
Western zones and Berlin was stopped.

The blockade by land is now complete.
What do you think
we're going to do, General?

Do you think we'll withdraw?
We can't withdraw.
If we withdraw under pressure,
our prestige all over the world is threatened.

The Communists will move in
on every front.

What about these trials, General?
How do you feel about them now?

We're committed to the trials.
But I think it would be realistic
to accelerate them as much as possible.

What would happen
if they fired on one of our planes?

I'm afraid we'll have to face that
when it happens.

There is no other answer
to that question at this time.

You fellows should try
some of the strudel. It's excellent here.