Judgment at Nuremberg

He has suggested that we sterilized men
for the welfare of the country.

He has suggested that perhaps...
the old Jew did sleep
with the 16-year-old girl, after all.

Once more, it is being done...
for love of country.
It is not easy to tell the truth.
But if there is to be any salvation
for Germany...

we who know our guilt must admit it...
whatever the pain...
and humiliation.
I had reached my verdict...
on the Feldenstein case...
before I ever came into the courtroom.
I would have found him guilty,
whatever the evidence.

It was not a trial at all.
It was a sacrificial ritual...

in which Feldenstein, the Jew,
was the helpless victim.

Your Honor, I must interrupt.
The defendant is not aware
of what he is saying.

He is not aware of the implications...
I am aware.
My counsel would have you believe...
we were not aware
of the concentration camps.

Not aware.
Where were we?
Where were we when Hitler began shrieking
his hate in the Reichstag?

Where were we when our neighbors
were being dragged out...

in the middle of the night to Dachau?
Where were we when every village
in Germany has a railroad terminal...

where cattle cars were filled with children...
being carried off to their extermination?
Where were we
when they cried out in the night to us?

Were we deaf? Dumb? Blind?
Your Honor, I must protest.
My counsel says we were not aware
of the extermination of the millions.

He would give you the excuse...