La Notte

You bought it? I was going to
bring you a copy

I've not only bought it,
I've begun to read it

Fifty pages so far
I hope I'll finish it
The bath episode is exceptional
Unless morphine has warped my
judgement, it's your best

With morphine things seem different
It must be the morphine.
Do you really like the book?

I do
You'll end up a great success
Yes, I'll come to a bad end
The advantage of premature death:
you escape success

My mother
How are you, Tommaso?
Poor Mother, seven hours on a train
just to sit here

This is Saturday, isn't it?
Who have you seen lately?
Hardly anyone. We haven't done much

We don't get out much,
except to drive around

What about your trip to Greece?
- We haven't decided
- Get well; it was your idea

Don't treat me as a patient;
I know how this will end

My publisher will dispose of my
royalties. This must be paid for