La Notte

Hello, Berenice
Lidia and I have hated each other
from the cradle

Pontano, we meet at last
Antonio, put him to bed
- No, he's so sweet
- Not if he doesn't sleep

But it's his party, after all
Put him to bed. This lot will
teach him bad habits

Don't stare so; I know I show signs
of wear and tear

You've improved a lot, you know
You were so plain. Shouldn't I
have said that?

I've heard it many times
You behave like a tart
Are you married?
I live all alone. I was born to be alone
I'm too sensitive - as my dentist
used to say

Do you still hang around
with intellectuals?

I never see you anywhere
We don't go out much.
Tonight is an exception

How beautiful the pool looks