Murder She Said

- Apparently, this girl...
- That's enough,

There may be
some other poor bird trapped,

Look, Somebody else must have been
in here, This isn't Aunt Emma's,

It's mine, I must have dropped it,
Thank you so much,
It was bequeathed to me,

Are you on the run from the police?
Too much television, You must learn
to rationalize your imagination,

What's behind there?
More relics from the past?

Yes, The fruits
of Grandfather's Egyptian phase,

How interesting,
- No one's allowed in there,
- Let go!

What are you up to?
- The boy was showing me round,
- What boy?

- Alexander!
- You're lying,

Alexander, come out of there at once,
I thought discretion
the better part of valour,

He's not above
clipping a person's ear,

Your grandfather don't like snoopers,
Don't think I won't tell him neither,

Despite the double negatives,
I'm sure you will, Come, Jane,

Good for you, young man,