Murder She Said

That's odd,
- Darling...
- No, Paul, please!

How much longer will we go on like
this? We've got to tell the old man,

- Not yet, Please, not yet,
- Why? Why?

Paul, I think someone
in the family may be a murderer,

I've had a letter,
I can't keep it to myself
any longer, I want you to read it,

I'm afraid
my French isn't up to this yet,

"Dear Miss Ackenthorpe, you will be
surprised to hear after so many years

that you have a sister-in-law,
I married Edmund two days
before he was killed in action,

I decided it was best to forget the
marriage, but I'm coming to England

and I find
I do wish to meet you all,

I write to you instead of your father
because I understand he is a sick man

and my existence may come as a shock
to him as it must be to you all,

Sincerely yours,
Martine Ackenthorpe,"

I thought Edmund was killed
before they married,

- That's what we all thought,
- What's on your mind then?

Don't you see? The strangled woman,
it must have been Martine,

If she was really Edmund's widow,
she would have a share in the will,

Oh, I see,
Paul, what should I do?
- Have you told the others?
- No,

I did suggest to Albert that if she
was French, she might be Martine,

What did he say?
He said it was fantastic,
but I think he was worried,