Pit and the Pendulum

- Yes?
- I wish to see don Medina.

- My name...
- I'm sorry.

Don Medina is not receiving
visitors at present.

You will announce that
Mr. Francis Barnard...

...has come from England
to see him.

What do you think you're doing?
Remove your hand, sir.
What is it?
This gentleman demands
to be admitted, Dona.

- I've told him...
- You are Dona Medina?

I am.
I am Francis Barnard,
Elizabeth's brother.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Won't you come in, Mr. Barnard?
Please forgive me.
I'm Catherine Medina.

Would you not spend the night
Mr. Barnard?

I am certain
my brother would wish it.

Perhaps Dona. May I see your
brother now?

He is resting.
He has not been well
since the death.

I see. When may I see him?
Perhaps at supper...
...if you will do us the honor.
I will... supper.
May I visit my sister's
grave, now?

I presume there is one.
Not as such, Mister Barnard.
She is interred below.
A family custom,
Mr. Barnard.

I see.
If we may go there then?
Please follow me.