Pit and the Pendulum

I am forced to be, sir.
God is my witness
I worshipped your sister

I worship her still.
Without her, life
is meaningless.

She was that substance of

I tried to capture it...
...but it was the way she walked
and moved...

...her smile, her voice.
She sang like an angel.
And she could play
the harpsichord...

...as no other woman I've
ever known could play.

Every night after we
have dined...

...she would play for me.
Please, forgive me.
I have not intended to so
display myself.

I only wanted to converge ...
I pray...
...I pray you leave me for awhile.
Please, go.
Do you live in London, Mr. Barnard?
Yes, and you?
In Barcelona, with an aunt.
And have you been here long?
A little over a week.
I came to be with
Nicholas because I...

Who would that be?
How are you, my friend?
You look pale.
Slept badly, have you?
Charles, we have a visitor.
Well, splendid, splendid.