Pocketful of Miracles

Listen, Dave. The big man don't wait easy.
He could get very nasty.

- He could put on them dark cheaters.
- I'm not leaving here until I get my apple.

All right. OK.
I'll go look in a few gutters myself.
- Did you get it?
- Don't I always?

- Classiest stationery in the house.
- God bless you, Herbie.

A blind man could read that.
"Hotel Marberry."

- Give it to me.
- When are you expecting another letter?

The mail boat comes in tomorrow.
You know, I could get fired
for stealing your letters.

Herbie, you mustn't get fired.
Please don't get fired.

Who keeps writing you
from Spain, anyway?

None of your business.
A heavy lover, eh, Annie?
Yeah. King Alfonso.
But keep it quiet.
The queen gets very jealous.

It's been two years I've been waiting
for one like that. Come here, you.

Oh, Queenie.
- Dude...
- Mmm? What?

The doorknob's killing me.
The doorknob, huh?
You gorgeous stack of cupcakes.
Come here.

- Now, Dude...
- Come on now, Queenie. You started this.

I was trying to thank you for everything.
That's the way to kill a man,
not thank him. Come here.

- What's this? A party?
- It's the Fourth of July.

- In December?
- It's freedom day for both of us.