Pocketful of Miracles

"You will notice I have increased
your allowance this year."

"It breaks my heart that I have not
been able to see you all these years,

but Dr Michel still insists
an ocean voyage could be fatal."

The old crab.
"Your stepfather thought he might
be able to make the trip this year."

You didn't know you had
a stepfather, did you?

Neither did I.
"The young man you wrote about
sounds perfectly divine."

"I hope he loves you
as much as you love him."

And as much as I love you,
my darling.
Herbie, the boat's in. Did you...
Where's your uniform?
You gin-guzzling witch.
On account of you I got the sack.

- Herbie, you can't get fired.
- Can't, eh?

They caught me putting
your lousy letter in my pocket.

- Where is it?
- What am I gonna tell my old lady?

- Where's my letter?
- I don't know. They took it away from me.